The CTA offers a complete range of services and programs to member organizations, including;

A. Educational Seminars
The CTA coordinates and runs a number of educational seminars each year involving a wide range of timely and relevant topics of interest.  The common goal of each seminar is to enhance the organizational and personal growth and success of both active and trade member companies and their people.  We achieve this goal by identifying and securing highly qualified and respected speakers who can provide you with the information you need in an interesting, concise manner.

We also know how difficult it can be to find the time to attend seminars, which is why we always format our seminars to include either a breakfast or lunch.  Unlike many typical day-long events, CTA educational seminars are designed to require no more than a couple of hours of your time.

Topics we’ve covered in past seminars have included:

Negotiating To Win
Keeping Customers
Privacy Legislation
Energy Deregulation
Compliance & Safety
New Engine Emission Standards Seminar
Economic Outlook
Attending the CTA’s educational seminars will help provide you and your staff with the facts required to stay on top of both industry and general business issues so your ability to set the best strategy and make the right decisions for your company will be maximized.

B. Site Tours
These include both industry supplier and other trucking company operations, and will help you identify best practice ideas for your core business as well as how to best work together with suppliers of key industry support products and services.

Each year the CTA holds several informal networking events designed to provide you and your staff with an opportunity to spend time with a wide range of industry colleagues and suppliers in an enjoyable and relaxing environment.

Our annual networking events include;

Ski Day
Annual Convention (To Destinations Outside Canada)
Golf Tournament
Christmas Dinner/Dance

Through these events you’ll be able to exchange and gather valuable information from others who face the same challenges and issues as yourself in striving to maximize their company’s success.  The opportunities to explore and establish mutually beneficial business and long lasting personal relationships are also extensive.

D. Information Products/Surveys
We offer a wide range of information products and services for our members.  Our information services include a number of formal surveys to ensure the highest levels of reliability and confidence, but also go beyond this to include a range of other solutions.

Core programs include:

Annual Wage And Benefit Survey – If attracting and keeping great employees is key to your business success, this annual survey is an absolute necessity.
Mini Polls – These are conducted each year on a variety of subjects to provide needed information on emerging industry issues and concerns
We also supplement these core programs with;

“Industry News” e-newsletter that is distributed every  months to all members, and includes a number of interesting articles on relevant topics of interest to those in the trucking industry
Information is power, and the insights you’ll gain from our wide range of information products and services will provide you with the facts needed to support the most effective decision making possible in the day to day running of your business

E. Newsletter
Our “On The Move” newsletter is produced  on a Quterly basis, and includes the latest news from the CTA office as well as relevant industry-related information articles.

Through our newsletter you’ll be able to stay up-to-date and informed about Association events, activities and various industry-relevant subjects quickly and easily

F. Legislative Monitoring & Representation
A key element of the CTA’s mandate is to monitor Fedral and Provincial based legislative issues that affect the trucking industry.  In fact, we have resources exclusively dedicated to this activity.   Our strategic alliance with the various Trucking Association also allows us to move beyond monitoring alone, and ensure that if and when the various regulators and legislators in the Federal, Provincial or Municipal governments attempt to undertake an action that will negatively affect the trucking industry (and your business), your voice will be heard.

Some of the issues  identified and addressed in the past include;

Hours Of Service
Mississauga Cartage License Bill
Amendments To The PCV Act
Highway/Road Planning
Regional Transportation Plans (Including York, Peel And Mississauga Regions)
Drive Clean Program
Proposed Highway 401 GTA On/Off Ramp Truck Usage Restriction
Toll Roads/407 ETR Usage Charges
Proposed Toronto Delivery Vehicle Parking Ban
Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Plan

Being a member of and supporting the work of the CTA will give you up to date information about any regulatory issues that could affect your business, and the peace of mind of knowing that the negative impacts of any regulatory and legislative policy decisions on your business will be minimized.