Mission Statement

Mission Statement
The mission of the Canadian Trucking Associations, Inc., is to serve and represent the interests of the trucking industry with one united voice; to influence in a positive manner Federal and Provincial governmental actions; to advance the trucking industry’s image, efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability; to provide educational programs and industry research; to promote safety and security on our nation’s highways and among our drivers; and to strive for a healthy business environment.

Member Profile

The CTA is comprised  member companies that provide, or support the provision of for-hire trucking services and related services in Canada.

Trade: Refers to companies that supply goods and services to the trucking sector

Our active members include companies of all sizes, who provide a wide range of services.  We have some members with as few as one vehicles in their delivery fleet, and others with over 100.  Similarly, the services our active members provide include both full truckload and less than truckload.  The points they service are as close as the city of Toronto, and as far away as the United States and Mexico.

While many of our members are located in the Canada, this is not a requirement.  Over the years several members located outside of Canada have realized many benefits and excellent value from their CTA membership.